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Identify your inactive and blocked chakras and learn to balance them

Join 14-Day Live Complete Chakra Program to Learn to Balance your 7 Chakras


Mrs. Malinie Arora

Meditation Instructor for last 18+ years
Trained over 2000+ Meditators

14th Oct - 27th Oct | 4:30 - 5:30 PM

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Who Should Do This?

Individuals who want to deeply connect with their body.

Dealing with stress for long durations can often take a toll on your mental health. Saadhna's 14-Day Chakra Balancing program can give you a chance to recover and get back on track by identifying and balancing the blocked energy centers (chakras).

Individuals who want to deeply connect with their body.

Dealing with stress for long durations can often take a toll on your mental health. Saadhna's 14-Day Chakra Balancing program can give you a chance to recover and get back on track by identifying and balancing the blocked energy centers (chakras).

COVID recovered patients looking to improve their immunity

The journey of recovering from COVID can be tough. Meditating in this phase can improve your immune system, help you deal with anxiety, and feel relaxed. Using correct breathing techniques you can feel better almost instantly.

Home-makers for Self-care, Emotional health & Balance

You have been working overtime since the Pandemic started. Taking out time to Meditate and learning correct breathing techniques will add energy to your body. Invest time to improve your mental well-being using simple but effective breathing techniques.

Professionals for Productivity, Balance & Focus

Handling the pressures of work can often take a toll on your mental health. Breathwork & Meditation can help you manage stress, take better decisions and increase your productivity. Regular meditation can help you strengthen your personal and professional relationships too.

Individuals looking to detoxify their body the natural way.

With an on-going pandemic, chances are you might come across negative news which causes tension and anxiety. A detoxification process is required which can help in letting go of all these negativities. Chakra Balancing techniques are just the tools required for naturally detoxifying the body.

Benefits of Chakra Meditation

Connect With Yourself

Enables you to intimately learn about and connect with yourself

Reduce Pain & Tension

Help in the reduction of pain and tension

Detach From Your Thoughts

Helps in detaching us from our thoughts, makes us aware while resting

Easy to learn

Easy practice that can be incorporated in daily life

Calms Nervous System

Calm the nervous system leading to a better mental health

Deep Sleep

Promotes deep rest and also helps reduce insomnia

14-Day Course Plan

​All classes are 60-min Live Zoom Sessions

Day 1:
Chakra Introduction

Understanding Chakras as energy centers & exploring their psychological properties

Day 2 & 3:
Breathing of Chakras

Understanding connection between breath, body & how it charges Chakra with energy

Day 4:
Meditation on Chakras

Learning Meditation practices to activate the seven Chakras

Day 5:
Cleansing on Chakras

 Understanding Chakra cleansing, how to it to free the energy

Day 6:
Balancing: Mudras

Understanding role of Mudras to unlock Chakras

Day 7 to 13:
Balancing: Beej Mantra

Understanding & practicing Beej Mantras to activate 7 Chakras

Day 14:
Balancing: Grounding Meditation

Understanding & practicing Grounding meditation techniques to activate 7 Chakras

Bonus Features

Bonus 1
Exclusive Access to
Saadhna Community

Join an active community of Saadhna meditators. Set goals, share your journey with everyone and learn from their experience.

Bonus 2
Free Exclusive
Community Sessions

Join Live sessions by a variety of instructors regularly to learn new things and practice with everyone. All this at no additional cost!

Get Bonuses Worth ₹999/- For Free!

Our Past Customers

Customer image

Prashant Jain

"Saadhna's live Chakra program was a really unique  enriching   experience. Malinie's way of explaining chakras and making us experience the energy centers was amazing. His command over the subject is so good, he was able to answer all questions. The team also shared these daily session summaries and take-home activity that made sure that we stay connected with our practice for the duration of the program, The team also shared a summary video that helped me continue the practice after the program.  I totally recommend joining the program!" 

Customer image

Vikas Kumar

"Chakra Balancing Program was a perfect balance of learning concepts and feeling transformed! I had tried paid programs in 2013 but couldn't continue doing it on my own. I used to follow random YT videos and do different types of meditation but struggled to find the right fit for myself. Malinie ji helped me understand what chakras I need to focus on and helped build a meditation routine for me. This course taught me to better connect with myself and understand the basics of what I am doing."

Customer image

Avani Sharma

"Malinie ji's course has made me understand how meditation techniques can be so effective. I knew about guided meditations and had tried a paid courses to increase my productivity but could never really feel the benefits. I wanted to start a morning routine but managing a workout with meditation was difficult. Malinie ji helped me plan better, build a morning routine over the 14-days . As a result, I have been able to really feel at peace & understand my body, mind, and thoughts. His teaching style is really unique."

Meet Your Instructor

Mrs. Malinie Arora

18+ Years Meditation Experience
Trained 2000+ Practitioners

With 18 years of profound experience in the health and wellness field, Malinie motivates you to find new ways of coming up with solutions & broader perspectives on life. Now she is here to enable you to explore the deeper layers within you, ultimately come home to yourself. ​

  • Practicing and teaching meditation and yogic sciences for more than 18 years now 
  • Devoted her life to uplifting the mental health of individuals around her
  • Coached senior leaders from multinational organizations to be more stress-free and improve focus
  • Coaches home-makers to be better with their relationships, manage their professional ambitions, and explore themselves

Saadhna Session Experience

Meditate From The Comfort Of Your Home

You can start meditating regularly & experience the amazing benefits yourself in just a week.

Daily Live Classes With Experienced Instructors

Our instructors have at least 10 years of meditation practice & have integrated meditation into lives.

​Meditate In Community Of Like-Minded People

​Meditating in groups motivates you from within to do better and stay consistent in your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Once we receive your payment, we add you to a WhatsApp group where we share Zoom meeting links. We also share nutrition tips, session pointers, and more!

How do the online sessions work?

All the live sessions are conducted on Zoom, so they’re super easy to join with your laptop, tablet, or phone. You’ll receive a link to join once you complete your payment. Book your seat now!

When does the session happen?

We will have sessions at 4:30 PM every day starting 14th Oct! We have limited seats only to ensure that everyone gets time to interact with the instructor.

What if I miss a Live Session?

We strongly suggest that you attend all live sessions, learn and practice with the instructor. In case you miss a session for some reason, we can make the session recording for that day available to you for 24 hours for you to watch and come prepared for the next sessions.

What is lifetime access to Zoom recordings?

If you want to keep access to the all the live sessions recordings, you can buy the add-on the checkout page. We record all Zoom sessions and if you buy the add on for recordings, you will get lifetime access to those recordings.

What all do I get for INR 1899?

You get 14 Live classes over 14 Days starting 14 Oct where you will learn to utilize your dormant energy (the energy centers of prana!) and make your life better.
.1. Lifetime access to the Facebook Community of Saadhna Meditators
2. Access to LIVE community meditation sessions

What is the Lifetime access to FB Community?

On joining the Chakra Program, you get access to an exclusive community of Saadhna meditators. You can share your meditation journey with them. We also organize FREE & LIVE community sessions every week which you can join at no extra cost.

I have more questions, what should I do?

Just give us a call or drop a WhatsApp on 8826006404 and we will get back to you at the earliest!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on WhatsApp by clicking the icon below.