Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

Learn to manage stress & anxiety like never before


Ms. Mannjiit Kaur

Seasoned Mindfulness Coach 20+ yrs of Meditation Experience

12-Day Live workshop

25th Aug - 5th Sep

7:00 - 8:00 AM


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Live interactive classes with a senior instructor

All in one sessions: Breathwork, Meditation & Yoga

Learn how to deal with anxiety & stress

Reconnect with yourself through relaxing meditation

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Science Backed Meditation techniques as featured in

Meditation increases self-awareness & helps in dealing with stress

Meditation provides long lasting cognitive & psychological benefits

Meditation is the most effective way to set the correct tone for the day

Wondering how Meditation can help with Anxiety & Depression?


Meditation helps you let go of all distractions and bring a focus that’s much more concentrated and centered on breathing in one region of your body.


Bringing attention to the present moment is one of the strongest ways to decrease anxiety of past or future events.


Recognize feelings in the present moment & view experiences more compassionately, letting go of the desire to protest & make change.


When you begin to understand the underlying causes of your apprehension, freedom & a sense of spaciousness naturally emerge.

12-Day Live workshop

Learn meditation techniques to better manage stress & anxiety through Live & Interactive online sessions.

Day 1Introduction to Mindfulness

Setting an intention for the 12 days

Day 2Introduction to Unified mindfulness

Understanding the concept and practicing unified mindfulness

Day 3Concentrations, clarify and equanimity

how to relax & Recharge with mindfulness

Day 4Setting daily practice

Understanding the concept of formal practice

Day 5Flow of peak performance

How to get in the zone, state of flow

Day 6Stream of consciousness writing

Practicing the power of writing

Day 7Power of spontaneity

Practicing active meditations

Day 8Mindfulness for daily life

Combined meditation practice

Day 9Magic of music

Using music to be mindful

Day 10Writing mindfully with intent

Using writing to be mindful

Day 11Windows and Walls

Seeing opportunities and obstacles

Day 12Your mindfulness roadmap

Understanding the rhythm of practice

Bonus Features

Get bonuses worth INR 4999

Bonus 1Exclusive Access to Saadhna Community

Join an active community of Saadhna meditators. Set goals, share your journey with everyone and learn from their experience.

Bonus 2Free Exclusive Community Sessions

Join Live sessions by a variety of instructors regularly to learn new things and practice with everyone. All this at no additional cost!

Stories of Success

Ankita 26, Mumbai

Ankita found her breathing improve and become much more deep.

Avinash 25, Himachal

Avinash explains the course briefly and shares how positively the program changed him.

Meenu 47, Meerut

Meenu shares why live classes helped her deal with daily life challenges.

Varsha 30, Patna

Varsha thanks Saadhna course for increasing connection with herself and disconnection from past trauma.

Teja 21, Delhi

Teja appreciates how the practice in the program was coupled with scientific reason.

Ankita Agarwal 30, Pune

Ankita comments on the positive changes in her awareness and focus levels just 6 days into the program.

Monika 47, Pathankot

Monika talks about her experience meditating in live session.

About Us

About Saadhna

Saadhna was started by alumni of IIT-Delhi and ISB (Indian School of Business) with the vision to help people develop meditation as a sustainable habit and increase quality of life.

At Saadhna, we approach meditation as a skill that sustains with consistent practice best done with a knowledgeable other, a guru. Our experienced instructors help you understand and practice meditation online through live interaction.

Meet Your Instructor

Ms. Lakshmi Gouda

Seasoned Mindfulness Coach 20+ yrs of Meditation Experience

Keen practitioner and teacher of meditation, Mannjiit has worked extensively with children and adults alike. She has been a part of the special needs, healing, and life coaching fields. She has developed compassion and love for techniques that help heal human beings on all levels.

Expertise Mindfulness, Sound Meditation & Deep Relaxation techniques

How do you see Meditation? Being in a centered and mindful state at all times. Meditation for me is allowing life to happen without having to put in any extra effort.

What is your teaching style?I like to keep my live session very interactive. I focus on demonstrating first and practicing together. I try to keep my sessions high energy and help participants get maximum impact during the session.

Who Should Do This

Individuals looking to deal with anxiety

Meditation can wipe away the day's stress, bringing with it inner peace. If stress makes you anxious, tense and worried, spending even a few minutes in meditation can help restore your calm and inner peace.

Individuals who want to deeply connect with their body

Dealing with stress for long durations can often take a toll on your mental health. This program can give you a chance to recover from short & long term effects of anxiety and find your connect with your body.

Professionals for productivity, balance & focus

Handling the pressures of work can often take a toll on your mental health. breathwork & meditation can help you manage stress, take better decisions and increase your productivity. Regular meditation can help you strengthen your personal and professional relationships too.

Home-makers for self-care, emotional health & balance

You have been working overtime since the pandemic started. Taking out time to meditate and learning correct breathing techniques will add energy to your body. Invest time to improve your mental well-being using simple but effective breathing techniques.

Individuals looking to detoxify their body the natural way

With an on-going pandemic, chances are you might come across negative news which causes tension and anxiety. A detoxification process is required which can help in letting go of all these negativities. Meditation techniques are just the tools required for naturally detoxifying the body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this course help me get off anxiety medicines?

Meditation can decrease anxiety symptoms better than benzodiazepines, a commonly prescribed medication for anxiety. But getting completely off medication is only possible with consistent meditation practice.

I take therapy, should I start meditation?

Meditation techniques in the program can be practiced by anyone. But if you are on heavy medication, we would suggest consulting your doctor once before signing up.

How does it work?

Once we receive your payment, we add you to a WhatsApp group 2 days before the program starts. We share Zoom meeting links, session pointers, homework activities & more through the group!

How do the online sessions work?

All the live sessions are conducted on Zoom, so they’re super easy to join with your laptop, tablet, or phone.

When does the session happen?

We have sessions at 7:00 AM every day starting 25th August! We have limited seats only to ensure that everyone gets time to interact with the instructor.

What if I miss a Live Session?

We strongly suggest that you attend all live sessions, learn and practice with the instructor. In case you miss a session for some reason, we can make the session recording for that day available to you for 24 hours for you to watch and come prepared for the next sessions.

What is lifetime access to Zoom recordings?

If you want to keep access to the all the live sessions recordings, you can buy the add-on the checkout page. We record all Zoom sessions and if you buy the add on for recordings, you will get lifetime access to those recordings.

What is the Lifetime access to Saadhna Community?

On joining the program, you get access to an exclusive community of Saadhna meditators. You can share your meditation journey with them. We also organize FREE & LIVE community sessions which you can join at no extra cost.

I have more questions, what should I do?

Just give us a call or drop a Whatsapp by clicking on the button below and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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